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White-Label App (React)

Our white-label ReactJS interface is consistent across desktop, mobile, and tablet and has faster setup times.
Gourmet Grammar

Introduction to ReactJS

React is an open-source Javascript library that we’ve leveraged to create more beautiful, consistent, and easy-to-use user interfaces across our web and mobile applications. With React, players will be able to experience the same user interface elements whether they are on their desktop, mobile, or tablet.
React also has a higher degree of customization for your applications, and faster setup and update times.

Sample apps

Try our following showcase React apps to get a feel of the React interface.
Gourmet Grammar
Improve your English with Gourmet Grammar.
Welcome to NinjaVille! Join our NinjaVille dojo to learn all about Gametize and become a Gametize Ninja.
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Guide & Templates

Follow our detailed guide and download our app templates so you'll know what to prepare.

More white-label resources

If you have more questions that weren’t addressed here, read up on our knowledge base on white-label features here or you can get in touch using the form below.
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