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Non-Native White-Label Web

Our white-label web reskins the Gametize platform with your own customizable branding, and is accessible through a Gametize subdomain or custom domain.

For Professional or Experienced Designers

Guide & Templates

Follow our Guide & Templates by clicking the “download” button below.


If you’re not an experienced or trained Designer

Guide & Templates

Don’t fret, you can use these Guide & Templates instead by clicking the “download” button below.


Our white-label web implementations​

Gourmet Grammar
Improve your English with Gourmet Grammar.
Welcome to NinjaVille! Join our NinjaVille dojo to learn all about Gametize and become a Gametize Ninja.
iOS | AndroidWeb

More white-label resources

If you have more questions that weren’t addressed here, read up on our knowledge base on white-label features here or you can get in touch with us using the form below.
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