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It was great fun when we were coming up with names for our new baby back then. The idea was to marry ‘life’ and ‘game’ together. GameMaki’s predecessor was called Lifegamed (we’ll have another post on this soon), but we felt that it way too serious and boring despite how it communicates the idea behind clearly.

Some of the names being thrown around included GameYoga, LifePlayr, Gamioo, LifeGamr and GamyBox. Hurhur – yes, we were pretty drawn to the whole ‘trend’ of removing vowels to make it 2.0ish behind the excuse that “all the good domains were already taken”.

After a long thread of email discussions, we eventually settled on GameMaki because…

There you have it. Our Chief Ninja Keith loves Japanese food way too much. And he managed to get the team to agree on GameMaki after knowing that the domain is still available. Given that none of us had better names to propose, we decided to go ahead with it.

Well, we never looked back.

Do you still remember how your product’s name came about? Share it with us!

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This post was contributed by Jesslyn Teo, Designer @ Gametize
Jesslyn was part of the founding team, and the designer of Gametize until Summer 2014.

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