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Quiz Challenges (and what you can do with them)

1410286.jpgQuiz challenges are by far the most popular type of challenge among us “Gametizers”, mostly because of its simplicity and the ability to validate answers. Which is probably useful for you to know that it comes in two forms:
  • One-try only quiz challenges (players get only one chance to complete the challenge)
  • Repeatable quiz challenges (players can repeat the challenges multiple times)
There are many ways to create quiz challenges and for various purposes too. Most of the time, we would create them in batches, as one quiz challenge alone is simply not enough. So if you are strategising on ways to make use of quiz challenges, do consider them as batches instead of solo challenges. Despite its obvious limitation, the one-try quiz challenge has its advantages. To restrict players from repeating the challenge, it allows for the challenge to be used competitively or by means of an assessment or a test. Here are some ways to use the one-try only quiz challenge:
  • A test made up of a series of one-try only quiz challenges for students
  • A series of non-repeatable questions about an organisation for recruitment / on-boarding
The repeatable quiz challenge, however, provides a different use case. If you are looking to fully utilise the potential that a repeatable quiz challenge can bring, you can consider creative content that is meant for virality and constant engagement and re-engagement. Some examples of campaigns that would require such engagement are as follows:
  • A marketing campaign that encourages players to repeat certain challenges as often as possible to score more points (e.g. “Take a selfie with a Starbucks employee!”)
  • An employee engagement game that requires staff to complete certain tasks on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (e.g. “Take a picture of your clean desk!”)
  • A learning game where students are encouraged to repeat certain content-based quizzes, at different time periods (for the purpose of reinforcement)
For the newbies, if you would like to know more about quiz challenges (how to get them started), check out more through FAQ!1677375.jpg It goes without saying that there are many other ways to utilise both the one-try and repeatable challenges but of course, you (as the admin) will surely find new and more creative ways to harness the powers of the quiz challenge! If you already have some really cool ways to use the quiz challenge, let us know by commenting below! 🙂