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The Moderator (and what he/she can do)

You have been tasked to moderate all user completions and comments on the platform and you’re not sure where to begin. Sounds familiar? Great, you’re at the right place! Read on, moderator.1255398.jpg To be a moderator is an important responsibility that requires time, due diligence and a critical eye. Moderators are usually administrators as well, and have full control over the account. As a moderator, your role begins when players have started playing the game, and it’s your job to ensure that their entries are accurate and appropriate. There are two features that you can take control of:
  1. User comments (on topics / challenges / challenge completions)
  2. User completions (within topics / projects)
Just to briefly go over the terms; user comments refer to the feedback provided by the players, on topics, individual challenges and other players’ challenge completions. User completions refer the feedback provided by the players when they complete open-ended challenges. Moderation is important in various contexts, some of which include:
  • Mass marketing campaigns (when the public are encouraged to complete challenges, and this requires constant moderation and vetting)
  • Recruitment campaigns (when players’ responses are required to be vetted and captured for the purpose of job applications)
  • Onboarding campaigns (when open-ended answers are required to be checked for accuracy and appropriateness)
To learn how to manage the user comments and completions, click on this link. <insert FAQ on moderating comments and completions> Got any other uses for moderating completions and comments? Let us know by commenting below!