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Bank: Carnival Annual Dinner 2018

A bank’s events committee digitalizes their annual dinner & dance








The events committee of the financial operations department of this bank organizes an annual dinner and dance for their employees to get together and have fun at the end of the year.
For 2018, they were looking to match in line with how the financial services industry was moving by “going digital”, and wanted to find a way to add value to the event through digitalization and interactivity, such as building excitement via fun challenges, and automating processes such as voting and attendance-taking.

The Challenge

To match in line with how the financial services industry is currently moving, the client decided for the very first time to “go digital” for their 2018 dinner & dance event.
Their aim was to create a digital experience with high value – rather than just an app that would show event information, they wanted the digital experience to be highly interactive to foster healthy team competition and to digitize certain processes, such as voting (which was previously manual, going by “loudest clap”), redeeming of prizes, and gathering data about the event.
Goal: “Create a digital experience with high value”

The Solution: Carnival Annual Dinner 2018

“Welcome to the Carnival Annual Dinner 2018! Our points system this year matches our bank’s direction – we’re going digital. This is why the point system for the booth is entirely app-based.”
In following with the year’s theme of “carnival”, the game’s narrative and visuals were carnival-based and contained Challenges to encourage and excite attendees, even before the actual event day, including:

*Photos are for visualization purposes only and do not represent the actual submissions by players.

Photo Gallery (Photo Challenge)

Photo Gallery (Photo Challenge) Participants were encouraged to post photos of themselves and their colleagues at the event, thus forming the game’s photo gallery.

Booth Challenges

Before the event, teams were tasked with creating a “carnival booth” – examples of booth games included basketball- or fishing-type games.
Participants could then play each booth and get points depending on how well they performed in the booth game.
“You’ve played the booths and now it’s time to vote. Cast your votes for the booth that’s the most fun, the most hilarious or the most creative!”


Participants could vote for their favorite booth, with the winning booth’s team members receiving prizes at the end of the event, as well as for Best Dressed Team and Best Performance.
In addition, players could also vote for Best Dressed Team and Best Performance.

Campaign launch, promotion, and outreach

The events committee did their pre-engagement with both online and offline elements:
Online pre-engagement
  • Up to a few weeks before the event: Publishing some pre-event challenges, such as Photo Challenges
  • A few days before the event: Publishing Challenges in which users can register for transportation to the event and select a timeslot, the committee could arrange for transportation, as well as keep track of attendees who arranged their own travel
Offline pre-engagement
  • Posters around the office to build hype
  • Print QR Codes to a link to download the Gametize app and access the game
  • Emailers


Attractive goodies such as mugs, chargers, neck cushions, massage coupons, and more could be redeemed in the Rewards Store with points earned throughout the game.
Players also were informed of the prizes available to win during the dinner and dance’s lucky draw through Flashcards, with exclusive items such as as a Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch, and many vouchers up for grabs!

The Results

The game achieved a 90% adoption rate by all attendees, with crucial parts of the event (such as checking in and voting) being done only via the app. Overall, 285 players made 1232 completions and casted 77 votes on other players’ completions.
With Gametize’s analytics, the game administrators were also able to track adoption and usage of the app, and passed on this information to team leads so they could further encourage their team members to sign up for the game.

Other insights

Other than some technical limitations, Administrators found one main issue they had to handle was moderating the photo gallery to deter players fron “gaming” the system; for example, to avoid Players spamming the photo gallery with submissions just for points, they set the points for 1 completion to 1 point, with more points to be gained via voting (10 points per vote).
They also discovered one team had discovered a certain loophole in the game and had unfairly gained a large number of points, and had to increase other people’s points in the game to offset the imbalance!

The Verdict: Gametized!

"Awesome fun!"
Event participant
The Carnival Annual Dinner 2018 was successfully Gametized with a 90% adoption rate by participants.
With the game, event attendees had a highly interactive, easily accessible, and on-the-go digital experience where they could complete challenges that built excitement for the event, adding another level of engagement to the dinner and dance!