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[WEBINAR] Applying Gamification for Remote Learning & Events

Academy Lead
I recently hosted a webinar on 23 September, 2020 with my Gametize teammates, Keith and Kumar, on using gamification in this time of remote learning, events, and engagement in general. We explore how remote working has disrupted many of these programs and events, and how gamification and digitalization fits into the landscape.
We shared on some trends we noticed in how our clients have had to deal with new problem statements (e.g. “Now that all my employees are working from home, how can I keep them motivated and happy without all those Zumba sessions?”), and the strategies we’ve worked with them on to pivot their engagement strategies to suit this new working model.
If you missed the session and/or need a refresher, you can access the recording below via our YouTube:
Published on 2 October, 2020

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