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Gametize Feature: Introducing the Shuffle Mode Topic

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We’re introducing a new Topic type: the Shuffle Mode Topic! With the Shuffle Mode Topic, you can assign Players a randomized, set number of Challenges out of the total number of Challenges in that Topic. I’ve written about the Shuffle Mode Topic in more detail in this feature article, but I’d like to share with you here a short summary of what the Shuffle Mode Topic is, how to use it, and some best practices.

How the Shuffle Mode Topic works

The Shuffle Mode Topic, as you might have guessed, shuffles the selection and order of Challenges assigned to any one Player out of the library of Challenges you have created in that Topic. When players join the Shuffle Mode Topic, they will be automatically assigned a random set of Challenges based on the value you’ve defined.
Confused? No problem – that’s why we’ve created a live demo here for you to follow along with. In this demo, there are 10 total possible Quiz Challenges (they don’t need to be all Single-Attempt Quiz Challenges, though! All Challenge Types are available except for Multiple-Attempt Quiz ChallengeFlashcards and Prediction Challenges), but we’ve set the number of Challenges to be “shuffled” to the Player as 5.
Shuffle Mode Topic Player View
Here is one Player's selection – you'll probably receive a different selection and/or order when entering the Topic.
And here’s the entire library of Challenges in the Topic from the Administrator Dashboard. You can see that in this Player’s case, the shuffle decided not to include any Harry Potter trivia questions!
Here’s the list of all 10 Quiz Challenges in the Shuffle Mode Topic live demo.

A Shuffle Mode Topic is perfect for...

  • You would like to simulate a test environment while minimizing the risk of players sharing their answers (since they each will be assigned a different selection of Challenges)
  • You simply would like to give each of your players a unique Topic experience – for example, a unique set of assessment questions, a unique survey experience, or even a unique treasure hunt where different locations spawn for different Players to visit. There’s many possibilities we are sure you will think of that we haven’t yet!

Some need-to-knows before you get started

If you are familiar with our Standard Topic, you might want to take note of the key differences in a Shuffle Mode Topic. I’ve written a more detailed breakdown in our Feature Article, but some key differences are:

  • Before you are able to publish the Topic, you must minimally create the number of Challenges you’ve set to be assigned to Players
  • Some Challenge settings are not available or come with limitations.
  • I highly recommend to have the same maximum number of points that can be earned per completion for all Challenges in the Topic – so as to provide your players a fair experience even if they are assigned different Challenges.
  • After Challenges have been assigned, there are limitations to the Topic and Challenge settings that you are able to edit, as well as ways that you can manage Challenges.
  • Not all Achievement rules work well with a Shuffle Mode Topic.

Ready to try out the Shuffle Mode Topic?

The Shuffle Mode Topic is a feature that is available for all Project Owners and Administrators, across all plans. Start creating a Shuffle Mode Topic right now by starting a free trial of the Gametize platform!
Published on 12 October, 2020

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