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Gametize Worked With FairPrice To Create a Gamified in-Store Experience To Take Shoppers on a Local Farm Tour

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Fairprice Made in Singapore 01
Image via FairPrice
We’re excited to share the news that we worked with FairPrice to develop “Made in Singapore”, a gamified in-store experience to educate shoppers more about the local produce they are buying! With “Made in Singapore”, shoppers can scan QR codes at 10 different stations across FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade to learn more about the local farmers/producers behind their products, why they should support local, and how fresh the products are.
The game also consists of quizzes and prizes for shoppers if they complete the whole tour. Our game is one part of a larger initiative, “FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade – Where Worlds Meet”, placing special emphasis on promoting local brands and locally made products, to give shoppers a chance to rediscover Singapore.
Fairprice Made in Singapore 02
Shoppers can scan QR codes at 10 different stations to learn more about different locally-made produce, such as seafood, vegetables, and ice cream.
Since the “Made in Singapore” game has launched, more than 800 devices have been registered to play the game in-store, with more than 1,800 completions. If you’re in Singapore, we hope to see you there!
Published on 18 February, 2021

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