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Singapore gamification company to introduce world’s first gamified certification program for ninjas. Gametize will ‘ninjatize’ employees with ninja skills and values in the workplace. 

After months of beta testing, Gametize has now announced the introduction of a Ninja Certification Program, in an addition to the newly launched Gametize Certification Program. Gametize created Ninjatize to leverage on the growing employee engagement and L&D industry, which are projected to reach USD 6.1 billion by 2026 (source) and USD 402 billion by 2025 (source) respectively.

Ninjatize will support existing and new clients seeking to boost their own employee engagement. Through blended training online and offline, trainees will learn to operate a suite of weapons such as shurikens and shinobi, as well as undergo intensive military-like physical training. The Pilot programs with gamification elements such as leaderboards, fun quizzes, and video challenges have been conducted with positive receptions, even involving Gametize’s newly hired Marketing Lead, Kenny Wen.

Commenting on the new program, Keith Ng, Gametize’s co-founder said: “Ninjas have been Gametize’s mascots from day 1 because of the values that they uphold; speed, agility, versatility, stealthiness, and teamwork-oriented. The smoke bombs are my favorite part of being a ninja, so we can escape quickly whenever things go south. Unsurprisingly, these are the common skillsets and values that our clients wanted to share with their employees and company culture.”

Tan Guan Heng, Gametize Head of Academy, further added: “The challenges that our clients are facing with their teams and new hires include a lack of interest in their company’s values, while current learning processes feel boring and archaic. This is why we decided to try out this new concept, Ninjatize, on our new hires to assess its impact, by partnering with the grandmasters in Japan to deliver this ninja masterclass.”

After going through the pilot program as part of the first batch of ninjas certified under Ninjatize, Kenny shared: “During the onboarding process, learning the company culture and values were easier because of Ninjatize. Not only did I learn about how the ninja values helped me with my new role, I could see that the new skills could be implemented in some of my life aspects. I will also carry the various skills badges I have earned with pride for life.”

Ninjatize’s next intake of ninja trainees will be 31st of April 2022, with only 100 limited slots available. The company also understands it is already 80% subscribed, with fees for this 100 hours program set at US$1,000/person.
Here are some learning outcomes that trainees can expect from Ninjatize:
Learn key ninja skills and values

Earn your ninja certification and badge

Win respect and motivation to excel in life

P.s. do you know that the kanji word for shinobi is a knife over the heart? Do check out for a preview of the certification program, and contact for further sales enquiries. 

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