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[GUEST POST] F&B Services Marketing Campaign

Kimberlee Soo En Rae
Kimberlee Soo En Rae
Guest Author (TJC)
Have you ever dreamt of opening your restaurant or cafe? Or maybe you already own one and are in search of a good marketing campaign? Look no further! Presenting FnB Services Marketing Campaign Template, a fool-proof marketing solution for your very own food and beverage business!

The initial brainstorming/ideation phase:

It wasn’t easy to come up with an idea for a marketing campaign, especially with no prior marketing experience or knowledge. With its many featured templates, the Gametize platform proved to be a knight in shining armour, providing both inspiration and a platform for innovation.

After searching “Marketing Campaigns” in the search engine of the “Project Templates” available on the platform, I figure out what was lacking—an FnB services marketing campaign.

Then, all it took to formulate the different options available in my template was to refer to other FnB services’ websites and apps to find out what they were lacking.

And thus, the TEMPLATE: FnB Services Marketing Campaign was born.

Desired outcome/goal

This template gamifies marketing campaigns and gives current and aspiring FnB businesses a platform to express themselves in a way that is both true to themselves and compelling to consumers.

Even though many FnB services have their websites or maybe even apps to showcase the services, they offer and share their ongoing promotions – such as Starbucks which has both an app and a website – they are more professional but lack the fun element that will enhance the user experience.

On the contrary, TEMPLATE: FnB Services Marketing Campaign utilises the element of fun as an effective way to promote one’s food and beverage business. It allows users to learn more about a company and also encourages them to visit one’s cafe/restaurant frequently.

How the Template works

Upon arriving at the home page, users are greeted with the “Get to Know Us” topic.

To make the introductory experience to the cafe unique, interactive, and still be very illuminating, a variety of challenges and polls are included.

The challenges found in this topic each share a specific point, like the specialities of the cafe and its locations, in a way that is both clear and concise, and would leave a lasting impression.

The users will then be introduced to a topic called “Daily Challenges”. 

Daily challenges are presented to users relating to the cafe, as implied by the name. The incentive? Points, which would entitle them to rewards and achievements, giving them a reason to visit the cafe frequently.

To improve the users’ experience, other topics such as “Sharing Wall”, “Are you looking for food?”, “Are you looking for a drink?” and “Which food/beverage are you?” provide users with food and beverage recommendations should they be at a loss for what to order.

The “Shared Wall” allows customers to share their experiences and recommendations. Customers who are unsure of what to order will find the posts extremely helpful. They can vote for others’ posts, and by receiving votes from other users, they can earn more points.

Meanwhile, “Are you looking for a drink?” and “Are you looking for food?” assign specific dishes to the user based on the options that they have selected, making their selection process easier.

Alternatively, “Which food or beverage are you?” is a personality quiz that doubles as a more subtle way of introducing different dishes to the user and an attention-grabbing strategy, as it satisfies the users’ curiosity about themselves and others.

Last but not least, the “Feedback” and “Reservations” forms allow the user to express their opinions on the cafe/restaurant or book their reservations efficiently.

Additionally, earning a certain number of points by referring a friend or accepting a referral, completing a certain number of daily challenges, and completing all the challenges in “Get to know us!” would also entitle the user to bountiful rewards such as free food, beverages and merchandise.

This encourages the ongoing participation of customers and also gives them a reason to visit the cafe/restaurant frequently.

Challenges Faced

Aside from my lack of knowledge and experience regarding marketing strategies and campaigns before embarking on this task, limited resources on FnB theme in the template library affects me as well.

Thankfully, with the help of my mentors and also seeking inspiration from the many featured templates on the platform, as well as external articles and blogs regarding effective marketing strategies, these challenges were dealt with in no time.


To sum up, this template aims to provide FnB businesses with a fruitful solution to better promote their services and leave a lasting impression on users.