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Gametize Fireside Chat with Antara: Gamifying OKR

24 February 2023
4.00pm (GMT +8)

Online (Zoom)

About the Fireside Chat

Welcome to our second Fireside Chat! This time round, we had the honor to invite Antara, the Head of People Success at FocusU to be our guest speaker, with our Lead of Academy, Guan as the host.

More about Antara

Antara is the Head of People Success at FocusU Engage. FocusU Engage is a learning organisation, they work with multiple L&D leaders to deliver impactful learning outcomes. These outcomes are delivered through Leadership programs, Behavioural programs, Team building interventions, Business Simulations, Microlearning modules, Culture & Values sessions et al.

At FocusU, Antara wear multiple hats:
1. People Development
2. Culture & Values
3. Processes & Policies
4. Strategic Projects
5. Innovation – New Products introduction (NPI)
6. Facilitation
7. Employee Engagement

More about this Fireside Chat

This session will explore how a critical process like OKR can be enhanced with game mechanics. OKR can be intimidating in a variety of ways: when you are communicating the initiative, in the initial roll-out, tracking achievements and progress; and when you are striving towards your (ambitious) goals. How could we do this so people relish the challenge, stretch their goals and support one another in a community? Great questions that we will explore in the fireside chat.

Stay tuned for the summary article on this Fireside Chat!

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