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Sustainability Series: EVolution

Continuing our exploration of sustainability games developed during the SMU-X LTB 2023 module, we present a captivating and innovative game designed to encourage people to adopt eco-friendly transportation option, i.e. electric vehicles (EVs) which can help to contribute towards a cleaner, sustainable future.

Problem Statement

Petroleum-fueled vehicles emit approximately 6.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, constituting 15% of Singapore’s total carbon emissions and serving as a notable contributor to climate change. To address this issue and promote sustainability, the Singapore Government introduced The Green Plan. One of the key strategies involves advocating for the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a means to decrease these emissions by one-third. In this regard, our aim is to raise awareness among prospective car owners in Singapore, encouraging them to make an environmentally conscious choice by opting for EVs instead of traditional fuel-powered cars.


  • [S] Our Gametize project will become the curriculum of the 3 driving schools in Singapore.
  • [M] Quantifiable number of game completions by new registrants.
  • [A] The game can be tailored to induce a positive perception of electric cars over fuel-combustion cars
  • [R] LTA would want to work with us because our project will be in line with the Singapore Green Plan, which is spearheaded by Ministry of Transport
  • [T] Within 12 months of implementation.

Game Content

This game delves into the world of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and explores the advantages of owning one.

Players will have the opportunity to:

  • Delve into the fascinating story behind EVs by watching informative videos that shed light on their history and functionalities
  • Discover the perks and benefits of owning an EV, specifically in the context of Singapore
  • Gain insights into how EVs impact Singapore and its efforts to combat climate change by completing a series of engaging challenges that highlight government initiatives and individual contributions
Finally, after completing all the challenges, players can take a moment to reflect on their journey and share their thoughts regarding EVs. Get ready to embark on an educational and thought-provoking adventure!

Marketing Collaterals

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Credits: [AY2022/23] G3 Team 2 – Ong Zhen Xian (Leader), Adeline Gonadi, Choo Xin Yi, Eunice Lim, Gracia Yeow Zi En, Stella Blenda Chandra, Tan Yan Ting, Tan Yee Khai