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Getting Started

What is aSPire Academy? 

aSPire Academy is SingPost’s highly anticipated learning gamification app.
Through specially curated learning projects, SingPosters can experience gamified and engaging learning with these fun features!
  • Earn points by completing fun and interactive challenges
  • Compete with other colleagues against the leaderboard
  • Redeem meaningful rewards
  • Have a fun experience learning on-the-go

Get the App

You can download the aSPire Academy application for your mobile device here.

If you don’t want to download the app (and receive notifications to redeem rewards), you can go to our web browser.

Your account

For Singapore employees, please login with your employee ID and your own desktop password.
For international employees, please login with your corporate email and password automatically generated sent to your email. 
For international employees, please change the password to your own upon first login.

For other enquiries, you can read more at the Gametize community page or email to our ninjas at