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Kingsley Tan

Lead of Project Management, Co-Lead of Client Engagement

Kingsley has been serving the IT industry for nearly eight years, where he has gained extensive experience in training and client management. He started his career as a retail training executive in one of the giant tech companies, Samsung (SME), one of Gametize’s clients. As the person in-charge of this project, he worked closely with Gametize to develop an online learning platform – Samsung Blue Academy (SBA) to engage sales training for retail executives. In fact, SBA is one of the Gametize’s most successful use cases with over a whopping 4 million challenge completions.

Kingsley was then promoted to Master Trainer in early 2018. His main duty is to oversee the development and operations of field trainers and retail executives. He was also the project training manager of Samsung flagship products, ensuring the training is well executed across Malaysia. A growth mindset has always been what he pursued especially in learning and development. He believed that gamified learning is one of the keys in developing a growth mindset.

“By making the learning tasks enjoyable and incentivising them with positive results, Gamified Learning maintains learners’ interest and increases their engagement”. The implementation of gamification in training showed significant results and Kingsley was awarded the 2018 2H Global Master Trainer in Samsung HQ, South Korea.

In mid 2019, Kingsley focused on client management and it was a modest learning experience in managing and building a solid relationship with clients. What he found most valuable was in communicating with different people from daily client visits, to resolving issues and complaints, as well as providing sales training to the clients. He was soon back in the smartphone industry after a call from a former supervisor to assist in setting up a solid training framework and team. All of these were accomplished within two years.


And then a call was received from Keith… To unlock the story of how Kingsley and Keith get back in connection after 7 years, try this Get-to-know-me and you will find the story there.

A fair few Fun Facts about him:

  • Expertise in mobile photography
  • Addicted to Pour Over Coffee
  • Sinking deeply into custom mechanical keyboard rabbit hole (please save his wallet)
  • Afraid of dog (Took me one year to accept his partner family pet)
  • He is a Hainanese, staying in a Hokkien district, worked in Kuala Lumpur Cantonese district (Incapable of speaking all above dialect 😟)

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