Where to park around Gametize?

Oxley Tower*

  • Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm: $3.75 (inclusive of prevailing GST) / 30mins
  • Monday to Friday 6pm to 7am (or all day on Saturday/Sunday): $3.21 (inclusive of prevailing GST) / entry
  • Grace Period: 10minutes
  • For delivery: The loading bay may be used, and requires the deliverer to exchange a security pass.
*Park at B2 for direct lift access (Lobby 2) to #07-04 (press 0704 at the lift bell comms). If you do park at B1, you may come up directly to level 7 through the Service Lift, or come up to level 1 first through Lobby 1, and go to Lobby 2. You may not have phone reception at the basement, so you may want to come up to Level 1 first if you need to call.

SBF Center (Sheltered to Oxley Tower)

Capital Tower (Sheltered to Oxley Tower)

Robinson Square (Opposite the road)

OUE Downtown

OUE Downtown: https://downtowngallery.com.sg/contact-us
Updated as of 18th January 2018. Please note these rates may not be accurate and updated.
Not driving here? Here are more instructions to our office.