Where to park around Gametize?

Oxley Tower*

  • Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm: $3.75 (inclusive of prevailing GST) / 30mins
  • Monday to Friday 6pm to 7am (or all day on Saturday/Sunday): $3.21 (inclusive of prevailing GST) / entry
  • Grace Period: 10minutes
  • For delivery: The loading bay may be used, and requires the deliverer to exchange a security pass.
*Park at B2 for direct lift access (Lobby 2) to #07-04 (press 0704 at the lift bell comms). If you do park at B1, you may come up directly to level 7 through the Service Lift, or come up to level 1 first through Lobby 1, and go to Lobby 2. You may not have phone reception at the basement, so you may want to come up to Level 1 first if you need to call.

SBF Center (Sheltered to Oxley Tower)

Capital Tower (Sheltered to Oxley Tower)

Robinson Square (Opposite the road)

OUE Downtown

Updated as of 18th January 2018. Please note these rates may not be accurate and updated.
Not driving here? Here are more instructions to our office.