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How do I know if Gametize is for me?

You’ve heard about gamification. You’ve heard about Gametize. You know that Gametize is a gamification platform (and the world’s simplest one). 

But, you are wondering what are the features Gametize have on the platform, and what you can do with them. You have a limited budget, how do you know that Gametize is truly fitted for your use case? Before you commit, how do you know that Gametize can be trusted to deliver your objectives?

So, we are helping you evaluate us! If by the end of this article, you decide we are worth a try, simply click on that big green button. If you think Gametize is not what you are looking for, we hope you learned some insights into how we married gamification and technology.

This evaluation framework covers nine aspects:

We adapted these nine aspects from the SmartScoreTM system designed by FinancesOnline, an online platform which reviews and compares SaaS products to help businesses find the most optional solution (showing how much we like the way they review us!). 

Now, let’s dive into them!

Main Functionality

Gametize is a community engagement and advocacy platform to reward and motivate target audiences with gamification and interactive challenges. Users can redeem and earn rewards, socialize through a mobile/web experience can be white-labeled and published in just 5 minutes.

What are the features that demonstrate our USP?

  • Flashcards and Interactive Challenges
  • Individual and Team Leaderboards
  • Awarding points and Achievements
  • Rewards catalog
  • Automated Feedback 
  • Real-time analytics and XLS based exports
  • Native Mobile (iOS & Android) and Web Mobile
  • Self-managed admin panels
  • Multi-Language Packs
  • Image Library
  • Games Templates Library
  • Unlimited seats for Project Administrators and Moderators to collaborate on content creation
  • Invite players via email
  • Posting a comment on Admin or User-generated content
  • Submitting photos or answering quiz questions
  • Within-team collaboration; Between-teams competition


  • White-label apps with custom theme and branding, and a choice of native and non-native apps (here are some white-label apps we’ve created)
  • Custom reports
  • Custom user fields
  • Automatic Notifications – in-app notifications, push notifications, and email notifications
  • Custom Rewards and Achievement
  • Custom Admin Control Panel


  • Data export in .XLS formats
  • Data import in .XLS/.CSV for user management 
  • REST-based API that allows for any developers to create custom integrations between applications
  • 2FA with Google Authenticator 
  • A selection of Project Templates with a full stack of curated Challenges, designed based on use cases
  • A selection of in-house designed images for content curation
  • How-to support articles and tutorials accessible by the Help Centre
  • Tips and Tricks contributed by Gametize Community Managers and Users on the Gametize Community 
  • Starter Guide
  • Within-platform guiding features such as detailed instructions and game creation progress bar
  • Help Widget which allows easy access to the Help Centre

General Impression

Ensuring customer success and that our customers achieve their objectives play a huge role in our product delivery philosophy. Let’s hear what our customers have to say about the Gametize product. A selection of Project Templates with a full stack of curated Challenges, designed based on use cases.

Help & Support

  • Free support services via sending emails to our support channels
  • Free-to-all forums with tips and tricks from avid Gametize users
  • Live Chat widget on the Pricing page
  • Support widget that allows users to search for support articles or send in support tickets with ease
  • Readily available support articles via Help Desk
  • Within-platform guiding features such as detailed instructions and game creation progress bar
  • Game design resources via Gametize Academy
  • A dedicated Project team for Enterprise Plans


  • Gametize is ISO27001 Certified
  • CSA Star Level 1 Company (see here)
  • Password is salted and hashed utilising SHA512 (this is a one-way conversion; nearly impossible to generate the original password) 
  • Database is encrypted-at-rest – this prevents data visibility in the event of unauthorised access/theft
  • Internet communication is secured by SSL/TLS
  • Two-Factor authentication support
  • Gametize Platform is regularly tested by ITSEC, a CREST-certified cybersecurity firm
  •’s payment is powered by Stripe, a reputable online payment provider
  • is PDPA and GDPR compliant
  • Gametize is covered with Professional Indemnity,  Cyber Liability, and Work Injury Compensation Insurance totalling S$1 Million of coverage
  • Gametize was backed by a Singapore’s Government-linked investor, alongside notable private investors such as Crystal Horse, Mercatus, and Dr Robert Bong
  • Gametize is GST-registered and complies fully with Singapore law with no historical infringements since the business inception date of 1st June 2009


The Gametize platform is Native Mobile (iOS and Android), Web Mobile, and Desktop Mobile enabled.

  • iOS – supported on iOS 9.0 or later; compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Android – supported on version 5.0 or later (compatibility with non-Samsung Android-based devices is not tested, therefore Gametize is unable to guarantee full functionality on these devices)
  • Web – supported on with Chrome 49+, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 11+, Firefox 59+