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Being Part of the Gamification Expert Series

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because you were directed by your friendly Gametize representative on being part of our Gamification Expert Series.
Gamification Expert Series Overview
What is the Gamification Expert Series?
In our Gamification Expert Series, we feature industry experts as they share their knowledge, tips and tricks, and advice on how to gamify programs and projects for a variety of use cases.
Who qualifies to be a Gamification Expert?
First things first: You are a VIP that we’ve reached out to specifically to be part of the series, because we recognize your expertise and wide breadth of knowledge and experience, and we really want to share this with others!
GEs (Gamification Experts) come from a diverse range of backgrounds in terms of industry, years of experience, and job roles. Every GE is unique in the knowledge and approach they have, as well as the advice they can give to others wishing to delve more deeply into gamifying their own initiatives and programs.
Here are our past GES features:
Gamification Expert Series Goals & Objectives
  • Recognition of our power users
  • Build relationships with these users, provide audience with different perspectives, showcase to others who we work with/who uses our platform
  • Cross-marketing: share on our respective channels and social media
  • Content Marketing: To build awareness and trust in Gametize stakeholders on Gametize’s portfolio of projects.
Contents of a Gamification Expert Series Interview
Here’s a sample of the type of questions that we cover during a GES interview. A more detailed Google Document is shared with each expert for further collaboration. We usually request the expert to provide a very basic write-up of the below questions first, so we can understand the general angle of the feature. From there, we will conduct a follow-up interview to hone in more on each expert’s unique experience and approach.
1. Introduction: Introduce yourself to our readers with a bit of what you do and your personality
  • Can you tell us more about what you do, and how you got to where you are today? 
  • What keeps you engaged in what you do?
2. Getting started in gamification: Introduce yourself to readers as an expert in gamification
  • What got you started in gamification?
  • What is gamification to you?
  • What makes you interested in gamification?
3. Challenges you face in your job role: Let readers know the types of challenges you face that you are looking to solve or have already solved.
  • What are some challenges you face as part of your job role?
  • What’s your approach in tackling these challenges?
4. Project showcase: Talk about one project you’ve done/were involved in, that you’re proud of
  • We know you’ve worked on many projects. Could you share one with us you’re particularly proud of?
  • What were the problems you wanted to solve, and how did you create the solution?
  • How was the project received? What went well and what could have been improved?
5. What inspires & motivates you: For readers to get ideas on where to take inspiration from
  • Where do you get your ideas from? What inspires you?
6. The future: Get readers to keep a lookout on what to expect
  • What else can we expect from you in the near future?
7. Your thoughts on the future of gamification
  • What are some trends that you predict, and/or would like to see in the gamification industry?
  • What’s on your gamification wishlist?
  • What about Gametize – what would you love to see from us to make your game creation experience even better?
8. To finish off, any words of wisdom for people starting out in gamification or even those who already are familiar with gamification?
Gamification Expert Series Deliverables
Content Marketing
The main feature will be an article on our Gametize Academy Website:
Social Media Marketing
Upon launching the feature on our Gametize Academy website, we will promote it on our social media channels, which include:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (both as a Post & Story)
Gamification Expert Series Social Media Sample
Sample of Social Media Post
Contact Information
Gametize Academy: