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Year In Review 2019

Li Xin
Customer Experience Lead

As we step into the first month of 2020, there is no better time to look back in the past year and take stock. In 2019, we kept our goal simple – to get more users to learn and apply about Gamification through Gametize and develop features in support of what our users and feedback on. We certainly hoped that we have achieved that!

Who has been using Gametize...

Despite having just one office in Singapore, we are happy to see that we had left a mark in at least 68 countries (not all are mentioned). The greatest usage was seen in Asia at 89% – particularly Malaysia (44%), Indonesia (18%), and Singapore (14%). This followed by North America occupying 4.2% of our user base, Africa at 3.9%, South America at 1.2%, and Australia at 0.2%. 

Zooming in further in the users’ profiles. The majority of our users are from the ages 25 to 34 years old (39%), followed by 35 to 44 years old (26%), 18 to 24 years old (20%), and 45 to 54 years old (11%). For some, you may view these groups as Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X. It is also delightful to see users from 55 to 64 years old (2.7%) and 65+ years old (0.8%).

Using Google Analytics – Affinity Categories, we have gained insights into what could our users possibly be interested in. The majority of our users have expressed an interest in Media and Entertainment (29%), which could include books, comics & animations, games, TV programmes, movies, and music. A good 25% of our users are also interested in Lifestyles & Hobbies – DIYs, home decors, art & theatre, fashion, outdoor, pets, and etc. Other interest categories include Food and Dining at 13%, Beauty & Wellness and Sports & Fitness at 7.4%, Banking & Finance and News & Politics at 7.3%, Technology at 6%, Travel at 6%, and Shopping and Vehicle and Transportation at 6%.

What have the users been up to...

Gametize Year in Review 2019 - Projects and Content

On the Gametize platform, everything begins from a Project. Admin users on the platform have collectively created 3,867 Projects in total ever since 2013. 94% of these Projects remained with us till today and 44% of them were created in 2019. 

What forms a Project are the different types of content the Admin users can create and put together. To date, a total of 20,675 of such content have been created. Amongst all, Quiz Challenge (both Single- and Multiple-Attempt) has been the most popular at 27% – despite being one of the more complex Challenges to set up. This is followed up Flashcard at 21% and Standard Challenges at 20%. It is also worth mentioning the usage of Photo Challenge and Poll Challenges (Single-Selection, Multiple-Selection, and Confirmation) which takes up 10% each of the total content created. 

Now, let’s find out what the Player users have been up to!

Gametize Year in Review 2019 - Players Activities

First to look at will be Challenge completions, a key metric for Player interaction on the content created. With 16,260 Challenges created, 1,471,164 Challenge completions were accumulated. Out of those, 529,697 were recorded in 2019. To reciprocate Player actions such as Challenge completions, comments, votes, and more, Admin users can create Awardables. To date, 85,895 Awardables have been unlocked or redeemed – 73,400 of them are Achievements and the remaining 12,495 are Rewards. What’s more, 31% of the Achievements were unlocked and 41% were redeemed in 2019. 

Gametize Year in Review 2019 - Votes and Comments

For any gamification platform, you cannot leave out social elements. And for Gametize, that would be votes (or likes) and comments. To date, 2,290,301 votes have been cast. 645,524 of them were recorded within 2019, with 94% on Challenge completions and 6% on content created by Admins. On the other hand, there were 319,637 comments. 180,202 of them were posted in 2019, with 96% on Challenge completions and 4% on content. A clear pattern can be observed – socializing on Challenge completions has far more traction than on content. 

What is Gametize being used for...

Gametize Year in Review 2019 - Project Use Case

Out of the 3,647 existing Projects, 1,552 are uncategorized. With the remaining 2095 Projects, this is what we observed. The greatest usage was in the area of Learning & Development and Learner Engagement, at 38% – the former could be anything from elementary Mathematics to an organization’s compliance training and the latter is typically in classroom settings. This is followed by Employee Engagement at 14% and Events & Workshop at 10%. We are also seeing a growing use case in Social (7%), Employee Onboarding (5%), Product & Sales Training (5%), Consumer Engagement (5%), and Advocacy & Community Engagement (5%). The remaining covers Talent Acquisition and Management (3%), Performance Tracking (3%), Self Improvement (3%), and Travel & Experience (2%). 

What has Gametize been up to...

Gametize Year in Review 2019 - 2019 in a glance

2019 has been a busy and exciting one for Gametize too! Kudos to our developers, we’ve add more than 10 features (with many iterations) to the Gametize platform and apps – all aiming to make applying gamification easier for our users. On top of the technical developments, the Gametize Academy was relaunched, introducing structured online Masterclasses, Events, and case studies. Together with that, the Academy team has put together 5 workshops, selling over 150 tickets. Doing its part in expanding the revenue arm, the Channel Partners team has successfully obtained 3 new partners, spanning across 3 countries.

Thank you for an amazing 2019. It wouldn’t be possible without your support and encouragement. We certainly do hope you look forward to the coming year as much as we do! For a starter, have a look at the features that we’ve planned for the coming year. 

Published on 16 January, 2020

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