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Month: June 2014

Why should we build employee engagement?

Research Company Gallup released this figure in a 2013 study – only 13% of employees are engaged at work! The bulk of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged. That is, they are either feeling negative about, or are creating negativity at the workplace. It is certainly not an office where productivity is at its best. We picture zombies!

Will stories triumph or should branded games lead the way?

Stories and branding should work in tandem. Stories create longevity and branding build the critical mass. To build on the previous post, “Storytelling in Gamification”, we would now stress the importance of managing the story. Developing good content matters but it must adapt with changing circumstances. Success of a game depends on continued involvement by …

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What’s the best motivational theory

[GUEST POST] What’s the Best Motivational Theory? Hayk Hakobyan Guest WriterDisclaimer: Guest posts represent the diversity of opinion within the world of gamification, and the views and opinions expressed in guest articles are those of the author.  There is an ongoing discussion about which of the motivational theories is more (or less) valid, applicable or …

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