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Food Overconsumption

Sustainability Series: Nurture for Nature

Sustainability Series: Nurture for Nature Gametize News & Updates, Learning & Development 1. Introduction In a society on the brink of environmental damage due to collective habits, “Nurture for Nature” confronts the issue of food overconsumption. This game seeks to ignite a revolution, turning awareness into actionable change. It’s an invitation for everyone, not just

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Sustainability Series ECONSERVATORS

Sustainability Series: ECONSERVATORS

Reflecting on the basis of the purpose of this project, we built our thematics around the idea of sustainability. We decided to stylise our gamified project using a retro pixelated rpg game kind of vibe as we feel that it gives off a sense of nostalgic feeling in hopes to evoke a sense of comfort. Through the use of our choice, colours and tones such as brown and green tones. We align our theme with the idea of sustainability. Therefore, we felt that our design elements will help elevate our game and speak well with our target audience. We aim to get our target users to make a slow but steady, positive behaviour change which they will continue to have even after the game.

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