Gametize Platform

Gamify your campaigns on the Gametize platform with these tricks!

Challenge Types 101

Challenge Types 101 There are probably more questions you may have when you start creating challenges. We have put together a Challenge Types Guide on the different challenge types and how (best) to use each of them. Continue reading below to find out more! Try out this game to see the challenges in action!  Standard Challenge …

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Game Analytics 101

Each game has an objective and intended behavior that they are trying to shape their players into. The more the players play the game, the closer the players are moving towards the behaviour. Hence forth, indicating that your game is successful. The Gametize Admin Console provides a wide range of analytics and reports that will …

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Project-Topic-Challenge/Flashcard 101

Project-Topic-Challenge/Flashcard 101 A typical Gametize game would normally consist of projects, topics, challenges and flashcards.  So what are they exactly? Pictorial view of the Project-Topic-Challenge/Flashcard breakdown. Project A project is essentially a game. THE game. It is up to you to fill it with topics, inside each topic, you also freely to add challenges and flashcards, …

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Quantity is not quality. Pick only the game elements that you need.

Quantity is not quality. Pick only the game elements that you need. Points, Rewards, Achievements, Leaderboard, Teams. Each has its own perks, yet implementing all of them does not mean that your game is the best. Focusing too much on the rewards may demotivate your players towards learning, while team based games will not be effective when …

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Celebrate Halloween old-school style!

Celebrate Halloween old-school style! Halloween is right around the corner; this Saturday, in fact! So, as a gamification business, do you know what we did? That’s right; we made our very own Halloween game! This year, we’re going to celebrate Halloween old-school style! Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky… They’re all fine and scary, but they weren’t …

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