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July 2014

Gamification with Gametize

Gamification can bring about positive changes to your business. Scroll down to find out more. ________________________________________________ This post was contributed by Jonathan Goh, Business Development Intern @ Gametize Jonathan Goh is a final year Psychology undergraduate at University College London in United Kingdom, London. His research interests lie in mindfulness, decision-making, and applied psychology.

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Creating the right value for your business strategy

Process value analysis is the elimination of unnecessary cost and the addition of value through innovation. It is the stripping down and scrutinizing of supply chain processes in order to increase the value and desire of customers. Essentially, it is used to identify the least costly set of requirements needed without undermining the satisfaction of customers.

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[GUEST POST] Gamification in events and its impact

Events are staged occurrence and attendance are derived from the ability to participate and socialise. People are grouped together for a defined period of time and it’s an occurrence whereby attention can be curated and controlled. It is an ideal platform for branding and promotion. For it to truly attract and retain target audiences there has to be strong engagement mechanisms. In this post, we will look at how events can leverage on SoLoMo and Gamification to provide a positive experience.

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