Employee Engagement Case Studies

Explore how our customers and collaborators have used Gametize to engage with their employees.

E-Commerce Firm: A Ninja Quest

E-Commerce Firm: A Ninja Quest Immersing employees in an adventure to learn more about company culture 253 Players 8,436 Completions 2,810 Votes The Challenge An electronic commerce and internet company launched “A Ninja Quest”, an interactive app powered by Gametize, to introduce the company’s foundational values and principles to employees in their Singapore office. More …

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Singapore Sports Council: Team SSC Day

Singapore Sports Council: Team SSC Day Singapore Sports Council uses Gametize to encourage team-building during Team SSC Day 350 Players 1381 Submissions 712 Votes The Challenge “SSC wanted to digitally engage its staff during its annual Team SSC Day event…We felt that Gametize has brought fresh ideas to the table in order to encourage colleague …

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Talent Intelligence x Gamuda

Talent Intelligence x Gamuda Introducing and cultivating new core values through gamified team building 376 Completions 587 Comments 1649 Votes The Challenge Our Channel Distributor, Talent Intelligence, helped Gamuda to create a gamified team-building program to introduce and cultivate New HR Core Values as well as build team synergy across decentralized HR functions.”When it’s lunch …

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Auditing Firm: Health-Made-Fun Challenge

Auditing Firm: Health-Made-Fun Challenge Staff in an auditing firm use Gametize to adopt healthy lifestyle habits 135 Players 989 Completions 2,478 Votes The Challenge This auditing firm undergoes a “busy season” during the first quarter of the year, during which staff are working longer hours to close books for their clients. To make the busy …

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