Welcome to the Gametize Academy

Welcome to the Gametize Academy, where we share about all things gamification. We are glad you’re here to join us on this epic quest to gametize and turn this world into a giant playground.

We’re collaborating with iN.LAB as part of their InnovBite 2020 to bring you our 3-part webinar series, Play and Learn!, this May to June on how to use gamification to boost learner engagement.
As we step into 2020, there is no better time to look back in the past year and take stock of all we’ve done and look at what’s ahead.
Enhance your experience on this tour and really immerse yourself in the expressive mural art by Yip Yew Chong.
eSports has grown more and more popular over the years. How can game elements be incorporated to eSports?
Unilever wanted to launch their Lux brand in new markets – learn how they used Gametize to create an engaging personality quiz to match users to their perfect fragrance.
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In our quest to turn the world into a giant playground, we’ve devised the Gamification Expert Series. Our interviews feature industry experts sharing their knowledge, tips and tricks, and advice on how to gamify programs for a variety of use cases in their organization.

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