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Welcome to the HQ, where we share about all things gamification, and behind-scenes of Gametize. I am here to help you navigate around this massive collection of knowledge and information. I am glad you’re here to join us on this epic quest to gametize and turn this world into a giant playground.

Gametize is the world’s simplest gamification platform to create games in just 5 minutes. We are crazy about creating compelling digital experiences based on game psychology in non-game environments, such as in learning, marketing, and healthcare.

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Gametize Academy

Hi, I’m Maki.

Gametize Academy


Space Runnerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIZkJc_VzUw



Enterprise #50LearningDayshttp://www.gametize.com/game/senterprise
The Bank Apprenticehttp://www.gametize.com/game/sapprentice
FUEL Demowww.gametize.com/game/sfuel



Motivation/Goal Trackinghttp://www.gametize.com/game/tmotivation
Learning Template (Law)http://www.gametize.com/game/tlearning
Field Trip Templatehttp://www.gametize.com/game/tfieldtrip
Marketing Templatehttp://www.gametize.com/game/tmarketing
Recruitment Templatehttp://www.gametize.com/game/trecruitment
Onboarding Templatehttp://www.gametize.com/game/tonboarding
Events Templatehttp://www.gametize.com/game/tevents




The Space Runnerhttp://www.slideshare.net/gametize/case-study-the-space-runner
Robo Ghttp://www.slideshare.net/gametize/case-study-robo-g



Gametize Scorecardhttp://help.gametize.com/support/solutions/articles/159327-gametize-scorecard-checklist-wip-





Gametize Academy

Revenue Management for the SaaS Industry

If you’re reading this off a computer screen, chances are you rely on some version of the Microsoft Office suite during work to produce reports (Microsoft Word), presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint), and spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel). We buy this software package for a one-time fee, install it to our computer, and it’s ours to keep.

However, in 2013 Microsoft came up with a new offering: Office 365. Instead of the one-time fee, users now have to pay a monthly/yearly subscription, essentially renting the software. Sounds crazy to pay monthly fees for something you could own by buying a CD, right?

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Revenue Management for the SaaS Industry

The Hunger Games and Gamification

In 2012, one of the must-see films of the year was The Hunger Games, which was also one of the first few films in the “dystopia” genre, which is still immensely popular even now (The Maze Runner, Divergent, Elysium, Ender’s Game, Snowpiercer… There is quite an extensive list.).

In The Hunger Games, the Games were created to punish the twelve districts, who’d previously rebelled against the powerful and rich Capitol. In simpler terms, it’s a control mechanism that balances fear and hope.

While The Hunger Games is a dark and often depressing story, there are many good lessons to learn from it. It’s not just about the game, or the killing, or who Katniss will end up with. It is a story that explores deeper issues such as corruption, society and class, the power of the media…

And, as its name implies, it also teaches us a lot about games.

Or, rather, gamification.

Gamification is the act of putting game elements into non-game contexts to increase engagement.

For example, game elements are placed into the murdering of innocent people in The Hunger Games! Let’s take a deeper look at the gamification within the Games.


Rewards, in the form of gifts, are heavily relied upon in the Games, and they motivate the tributes to do their best, before they even step foot into the arena.


While making public appearances prior to the Games (.gif above), the tributes show themselves off to television audiences to obtain ‘sponsors’, who will send gifts such as food, medicine, and tools to their favourite tributes during the Games


These gifts can be critical to survival and, thus, are highly sought after.

In gamification, achievements and rewards can come in the form of virtual badges to earn, or physical assets one can redeem with accumulated points. These achievements and rewards are meant to motivate players to play their best, the same way sponsors’ gifts motivate the tributes to leave a lasting impression in The Hunger Games.

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The Hunger Games and Gamification

Youngest Ninjas Ever


Two weeks ago, Gametize opened its door to its youngest ninjas ever – two secondary three students (15-year-olds) from Regent Secondary School. Zhen Yuan and Wei Jian joined us on a job attachment program at school, and were all set to be part of the team for a good two weeks. The objectives of the program were to expose them to the working world and to hone their interests (which included “information technology”, for both the boys).

So we pulled out all the stops and held nothing back. If these guys wanted a real working-life experience, they were gonna get it. The past two weeks, Zhen Yuan and Jia Le have been uploading content, creating their own original games, and attending brainstorming sessions with other Gametize Ninjas.

Despite their youth, they are mature and level-headed, and are pulling their own weight amongst the other older, more experienced Gametize Ninjas. They just prove that it isn’t always about how much experience you have, but how much you want the experience!

Youngest Ninjas Ever

Tattoo or Taboo? 4 Reasons Why Employers Shouldn’t Care


Where my inked people at? Holler at me!

I said, holler at me!

Oh. Sorry. I can’t hear you guys hollering at me over all my aunts and uncles going, “You’re going to regret that” and “You’re never gonna get a job with that” and “You know it’s permanent, right?”.

Surely, at some point in time, we’ve all entertained the thought of getting a tattoo. Maybe a super-meaningful quote on our ribcage, maybe a skull on our arm, or maybe even a full-back oriental piece!

Tattoos are—let’s face it—cool!

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Tattoo or Taboo? 4 Reasons Why Employers Shouldn’t Care



Christopher was part of our tech team, acting as a software developer in his time here, working on Gametize’s platform and rule engines. However, Christopher did not limit himself to just that, and he did offer insight on creative design work as well.

Curious as to what a working environment and life in a tech startup company is like, Christopher applied for an internship with Gametize, whose work environment, he felt, made it easier for him to be more proactive. Gametize loosened the reigns and allowed him to freely learn more about software development.

Besides software development, which he’d signed up for, Christopher also learned many more things in his run with Gametize: things about the working environment, technicalities, himself…

Another role Christopher held was as our teammate Damon’s doppleganger, confusing both clients and fellow teammates alike with their scary likeness! Just another Gametize party trick.

At this current time, Christopher is finishing up his last year in NUS. Thank you for all the contributions you’ve made to Gametize, Christopher, and we wish you all the best!


MVP of the Week: Try keeping up with… Our Samba Ninja!

Bendexter first came to know Gametize as a user and a backend admin of our platform. And, he first met our Keith as a client. Gametize and Keith both charmed him, and half-a-year later, Bendexter was working with Gametize again, this time not as a user, but as a developer.
During his time with Gametize, Bendexter worked on the analytics platform, managed projects, and assisted with business operations whenever required.
As a younger intern, Bendexter also often had fresher, newer ideas which he brought to the table. In this way, Bendexter not only contributed to Gametize technically, but also creatively.
Bendexter shows the same level of enthusiasm and skill in his other interests as well, such as: samba percussion, and sports.
He is currently working on an android application as part of his final year project in SMU, and then he’ll be heading off to Korea for an exchange program! Bon voyage Bendexter! Thank you for the contributions you’ve made to Gametize, and we wish you all the best!
MVP of the Week: Try keeping up with… Our Samba Ninja!