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Welcome to the Gametize Academy

Welcome to the Gametize Academy, where we share about all things gamification. We are glad you’re here to join us on this epic quest to gametize and turn this world into a giant playground.

Keith from Gametize will be speaking at Uprush‘s event on 31 Oct 2020 on the role of gamification in HR – how we can use gamification techniques to re-align and re-engage in “the new normal”.
The attention span of an average adult is approximately 8 seconds. Learn how to capture your audiences’ attention with gamification for your next email marketing campaign!
We know many teams have been working from home. Empower your WFH engagement strategy with our Template Game: Your WFH Wingman.
You have created your Project and are ready to go live! How are you going to reach out to your players? Here are some tips to help you out.
Learn the journey of how Loob Holding managed to create a one-stop shop platform to disseminate information & training materials to employees, through Gametize.
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In our quest to turn the world into a giant playground, we’ve devised the Gamification Expert Series. Our interviews feature industry experts sharing their knowledge, tips and tricks, and advice on how to gamify programs for a variety of use cases in their organization.

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